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Atlanta Loan Modification

When you purchased your home, you had every intent of paying your mortgage on time every month. But in today’s job market, it’s not always possible to meet every financial obligation as timely as we may like, including a mortgage. Rising property taxes, and falling home values are an additional strain on well-meaning homeowners.

That is why the Obama Administration developed Making Home Affordable Program in an effort to help millions of struggling homeowners through some very difficult times and make your home more affordable.

What is a Loan Modification?

A Loan Modification is a permanent change in a loan term that can result in a more affordable payment for you. Your loan is reinstated. Your foreclosure stopped. When handled professionally, a loan modification can ease your worry of how to save your home. A loan modification can also provide you with much needed financial relief.

If there really is a program that can help you, why is your mortgage company so slow to return your calls? Why do they delay your requests to work with them? Why do you suddenly feel like it’s you against them?

You guessed it! Mortgage companies are not in the business of saving homes or lowering payments. As you know, mortgage companies collect mortgage payments, preferably very high mortgage payments. This is why your calls go unanswered and it takes so long to process your requests. It’s also why you constantly receive denied requests for errors with no instructions on how to fix them. This is also why it is critical that you have a team of trained legal professionals by your side.

Hire our office and let your mortgage company know from the start that you are not alone, that you have retained a lawyer and that you do intend to stay in your home with a payment you can afford. Once we are hired, we will work diligently for you. We will not stop until your mortgage company responds to you in a way that is fair and consistent with the law.

Our office has a 95% success rate in handling loan modifications. You are in very capable and caring hands. Call The Ballard Law Group today at 404-220-9906 for a FREE consultation.

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