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Free Bankruptcy Consultation

At your consultation, our Atlanta bankruptcy attorneys will discuss your bankruptcy options. We specialize in customized debt resolution; if there’s a viable alternative to bankruptcy,

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Stop Stressing

Congress created bankruptcy to help good people like you through bad financial times. If you are tired of being afraid to answer the phone or

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Stop Foreclosure

Don’t stand by and let the bank take your home. Whether your loan modification didn’t come through as promised or you fell behind and catching

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A Credit Card Could Help You After Filing Bankruptcy

Anyone filing for bankruptcy is already having a tough time managing debts, so to say that you should get a credit card right after bankruptcy sounds crazy. However, there are right and wrong ways to manage debt and choosing the right credit cards could help you rebuild your credit after bankruptcy.

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How Will Bankruptcy Affect my Credit?

Filing for bankruptcy can help you overcome your overwhelming debts and get you back on track when it comes to your finances.  However, many are afraid to

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Life After Bankruptcy

Life After Bankruptcy So what happens after you received your discharge from the bankruptcy court and your case has been closed? What changes and what

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