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Find Debt Relief Through Atlanta Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Atlanta Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a low-interest, possibly interest-free, debt repayment plan that consolidates your debt and allows you to repay it over a 3-5 year period. The advantages of chapter 13 bankruptcy are that you can restructure your debt and keep your property while making payments without the fear of foreclosure or repossession. Accordingly, your creditors are required by federal law to follow the terms of your repayment plan. After you have repaid your debt according to your payment plan, your remaining debts will be wiped away. You must have a consistent source of income for your chapter 13 payment plan to be approved by the court.

Find Debt Relief Through Atlanta Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

It Can Save Your Home.

Chapter 13 will immediately stop foreclosure proceedings any time before the sale begins. It will give you a financially feasible option to make payments toward your mortgage arrears without the threat of foreclosure and late fees. It’s important to note that you will still be obligated to make all future mortgage payments in full directly to the mortgage lender.

You Can Keep Your Car.

When you file for chapter 13 bankruptcy, your finance company will no longer be able to take your car. Even better, the courts may recalculate and reduce your balance owed to reflect the current market value of the car. This new amount will be included in your 3-5 year payment plan. After filing, you will no longer owe the finance company for your vehicle. Instead, your court-assigned chapter 13 trustee will distribute payments to your creditors according to your payment plan.

Eliminate Second and Third Mortgages.

Like many Georgians, you probably owe more on your mortgages than your house is worth. Second and third mortgages may be stripped of their secured status and categorized as unsecured debt. Unsecured debt is given last priority in a chapter 13 bankruptcy and is paid through your payment plan. In most cases, however, unsecured debt is completely eliminated once your bankruptcy is discharged.

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