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Foreclosure Attorney Atlanta

Now that you’re experiencing hard times, you may feel that letting your home go is the best option to relieve your stress and restore peace of mind. After all, the creditor phone calls and letters are a constant reminder that your mortgage payments are late, and with the late fees mounting, you already know that you can’t keep up.

We have the answer that will stop foreclosure and late fees immediately!

Your mortgage company may make you feel like you have no rights or options regarding your own home. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although you may fear that your home will be lost to foreclosure, we want to assure you that you have options and rights under federal bankruptcy law.

Your home is still worth fighting for!

One of those rights is to meet with an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney to discuss your legal options, and you don’t need your mortgage company’s permission to meet with The Ballard Law Group to explore those options. We’ll give you the straight facts without gimmicks or empty promises. We keep up on the latest laws and strategies for customized debt resolution. The sooner you act, the sooner you can start your financial life over.

So, collect the letters your mortgage company has been sending you and bring them to our office. We will explain them to you and develop a personalized plan for you to keep your home and get back on good terms with your mortgage lender. We’re here to help you with your mortgage debt without judgment and with compassion.

Did you know that many people restore good credit 12-24 months after their bankruptcy case has been discharged?

Yes, it’s true! You can qualify for a new mortgage or car loan a lot sooner than you think after filing for bankruptcy. Everyone experiences difficult situations that make paying bills a severe hardship. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not a slap on the wrist or a legal way to avoid paying your debt. When circumstances make debt repayment difficult or impossible, it is a way to show creditors that you are responsible and want to repay some of your debt.

Bankruptcy also offers you the chance to restructure your debt—and, in the case of Chapter 7, when you absolutely can’t repay your debt. It is a legitimate way to wipe out some or all of your debt. It is truly the fresh start many people need to regain control over their lives.

Do you need a fresh start? Are you ready to take the stress out of your life and remove the threat of foreclosure? Take advantage of the options Congress has made legally available to you. Contact a BLG Atlanta bankruptcy attorney for help today.

Many people have gotten financial relief by filing for personal bankruptcy. How about you?

If you are in over your head and are looking for a way to save your home and push the financial reset button, contact us TODAY to schedule your appointment with an experienced Atlanta foreclosure attorney.

Every Atlanta bankruptcy attorney at The Ballard Law Group, will offer expert counsel every step of the way to ensure that you exhaust every legal option that entitles you to save your home! Even if your home is scheduled for foreclosure, we can stop your foreclosure with our same-day emergency filing services. Call us now at 404-220-9906 to get started!

We offer two convenient locations for appointments with our attorneys-Atlanta, GA and Lawrenceville, GA. Call us today at 404-999-9906 or fill out the form and get started on the road to financial relief with a free consultation.

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