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Atlanta Wage Garnishment Attorney

Almost everyone experiences hardships from time to time. Sometimes, hardships can last for years. The danger for many people is not the fact that they’re in a financial bind, but that they wait too long to stop the downward spiral. They think that getting a new or higher paying job will help them pay overdue bills; however, they rarely factor in the penalties and interest that can significantly inflate the amount they originally owed and make catching up almost impossible. As a result, they are still at risk of losing their homes to foreclosure, getting their wages and financial benefits garnished, and losing other valuable property that they need in order to work and live.

Not taking action has bad consequences.

If you refuse or are unable to pay what you owe, creditors can seek a judgment from the Georgia Courts to make you pay. When this happens, money is literally withdrawn from your bank account or paycheck and given to your creditors as payment towards your debts. According to Georgia Law, all money and property in your control are subject to garnishment (OCGA 18-4-20(c)). Your at-risk property includes:

In fact, judgment creditors can take up to 25% of your “take home” (net) pay until your debts are paid. Child and family support orders can garnish up to 50% of your net pay. There is no recourse to stop garnishments unless you stop them by filing bankruptcy.

Georgia Wage Garnishments cause a serious financial burden for most people.

Your employer is required by federal law to turn over a significant portion of your earnings to the courts when a garnishment order is in place. A judgment is valid for seven years at a time and is renewable; therefore, the threat of garnishment will continue to haunt you until you pay it in full, reach a settlement acceptable to the creditor, or file for bankruptcy relief and get a fresh start.

Stop garnishments immediately!

When your wages are garnished, you may have trouble paying your bills and providing for your family; therefore, in garnishment world, time is of the essence. The longer you wait, the more a garnishment could become a possibility. Exercise your rights by restructuring your debts through bankruptcy and avoiding the costly, stressful experience of garnishment.

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