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Come enjoy our law services and pay later. That’s point number one, you don’t have to pay initially. If you have the will to pay the loan and not to defect, then chapter 7 and 13 are what you need to help you to keep you moving. A job and a bank account are what you need to enjoy these rights. The congress has ensured that the rights of the common people are looked into and that creditors do not interfere with that. Keeping your possessions protected is the desire for all people including the debtors. Let no one take that away from you.

We are all over Georgia and Lawrenceville is not left behind. We are with you during the tough times.

Effective Financial Relief by Ballard law group

It can be a foreclosure, wage garnishment, debt elimination or repossessions that is bothering you. That doesn’t need to be a bother any more. The chapter 7 and 13 will save you from all the debts giving you the freedom to carry on with life and work without pressure.

  • Foreclosure – it is the worst situation that can come your way. Having the home taken away will be the worst situation in your life. The good news are that you can stop that. Chapter 13 gives you the powers to stop that. It will ensure you have a reorganization of the repayment plan so that it becomes more affordable.
  • Get your car back – losing the car is not an option. You can have it stay by your side all the way. You can opt for a lower repayments per month is that is the issue. But you can’t do that without a lawyer and without the application of the law. We are here to help.
  • Credit card repair – we help you treat your credit card debts by ensuring that you don’t have exaggerated interest rates or lowered credit scores. You only need to file for the bankruptcy plan and your trend will be reversed.
  • No more creditor harassment – without some law protecting you, your creditors will harm your nerves and emotions to the level that you lack the peace of mind. We help you out of the situation by giving you the protection you need to deal with the creditors. Let them understand that they don’t own the world.
  • Keep your valuables – a bankruptcy plan will help prevent resale of the possessions but rather help you keep them. You don’t have to sell your car to repay back the loan. You can still pay it back with your home remaining yours.

We give you help not judgement

At a time when you are experiencing tough financial obligations, you don’t need questions by your side. Instead, you need someone to help you go through it in the best way possible. That’s the kind of experts we are. We deliver the aid and not the judgments.

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