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Do You Need An Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney?

“Quality Service From A Boutique Law Firm With Big Law Firm Results”

With a team of dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who have years of experience handling personal injury cases, The Ballard Law Group combines the best qualities of a small law firm with the results you expect from from a big law firm. When you have been injured in a car accident, slip and fall case, truck accident, or other personal injury accident, you do not want an Atlanta injury attorney who treats you as a person instead of a case number. Your injuries are important to you and they should be important to your attorney.

Unlike a huge law firm that requires attorneys to handle hundreds of cases, our Atlanta personal injury lawyers provide each client with personalized service to ensure the client’s case is given the attention and priority needed to ensure we maximize the compensation received by our client. We never rush to settle a case simply to move the file off our desk and receive our fee. You, your family, and your recovery are important to us. We do not consider a case concluded until we have obtained the most positive outcome possible based on Georgia’s personal injury laws and the facts of the case.


What Is My Personal Injury Case Worth?

This is one of the most common questions our personal injury attorneys receive. If an attorney tells you an amount on the phone or during your first visit, that attorney is not doing you a favor. The value of your personal injury claim is based on several factors including the circumstances surrounding your injury, the type of injury, the severity of the injury, and your out-of-pocket expenses. Until the attorney conducts a thorough accident investigation and you reach maximum medical recovery, it is impossible to properly calculate the value of a personal injury claim.

Our personal injury lawyers have extensive experience calculating settlement offers. We work closely with several experts including medical providers and financial experts to ensure we maximize the amount of compensation you receive for your losses, damages, and injuries. In most cases, injury victims are entitled to receive compensation for:

  • Past, present, and future medical expenses
  • Past, present, and future lost wages
  • Loss of earning capacity and opportunities
  • Property damage
  • Permanent disability, scarring, and disfigurement
  • Travel expenses, over-the-counter medications, and other out-of-pocket expenses related to the injury
  • Physical pain
  • Mental anguish and emotional stress
  • Funeral, burial, and/or cremation expenses in the event of a wrongful death

Do I Need To File A Lawsuit Against The At Fault Party?

Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers are highly trained and skilled negotiators and trial attorneys. It is our top priority to get you a fair and just settlement for your personal injury claim. To do this, we choose the best legal strategy based on the unique factors of your case. In most cases, settling out of court is the most timely and cost-effective way to get you the money you deserve.

However, our attorneys are always looking to the future and preparing your case for trial in the event the defendant and the defendant’s insurance company refuse to treat your claim fairly. Because we are a boutique law firm, your case is given personalized attention by the attorney throughout the case so the attorney is prepared to file a personal injury lawsuit if necessary to protect your right to receive compensation for your damages.

We Never Charge A Fee Until You Receive Your Money

We truly believe that every person regardless of their financial situation deserves the best legal representation available. That is why we work on a contingency fee basis. You do not pay us any money until and unless we win a settlement or verdict on your behalf.

Our Atlanta personal injury attorneys understand this is a stressful time for you and for your family. If you are unable to work, you are already facing issues regarding bills and expenses. We do not want you to feel as if you cannot afford a personal injury attorney. You can afford to hire The Ballard Law Group because we do not get paid until you are paid. Call us today for a free consultation with an experienced Georgia personal injury attorney.

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